Both João Nicolau de Almeida and Graça Eça de Queiroz Cabral have ancient family ties to the world of Port and Douro wines. We have been around for at least 6 generations.

João Nicolau de Almeida’s ties come from the Ramos Pinto and Nicolau de Almeida families.

Nicolau de Almeida & Companhia, a Port and Douro wine export company, was founded in 1870 by António Nicolau de Almeida, the great grandfather of João Nicolau de Almeida, and was later acquired by the Real Companhia Velha. Its warehouses in Porto displayed a star on the façade which António used for his company’s logo, just like we did now with João Nicolau de Almeida & Filhos, Lda.

Adriano Ramos Pinto was founded by his great-great-granduncle (Adriano), who stood out for his avant-garde spirit in the fields of marketing and advertising. João developed his whole career at the company.

On the other hand, João’s father, Fernando Nicolau de Almeida, was an oenologist at Casa Ferreirinha, where he created the famous Barca Velha.

On Graça Eça de Queiroz Cabral’s side, past connections to the world of wine pertain, mostly, to the Rebello Valente and Pereira Cabral families.

Afonso Pereira Cabral (1857-1946), Graça’s great-grandfather, was the owner of Quinta do Paço de Monsul in Cambres and Quinta do Cachão in São João da Pesqueira. He was absolutely passionate about the Douro region, contributing to its study, knowledge and promotion with countless published works.

José Maria Rebello Valente, Graça’s great-great-great-grandfather, was given the Quinta do Noval by the Marquis of Pombal, who was prime minister in the reign of Joseph I and a forerunner in the demarcation of the Douro region. Quinta do Noval remained in the family for about 100 years.